Sveriges farligaste man : Svartenbrandt (2018)

(In production)


After 40 years in prison, robbery's, kidnappings and murders, Sweden's most dangerous man wants to end his life, but before he dies he wants to tell his story.


A film by Daniel Fridell.


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"A vengeful father suspects that his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty."


A film by Emil Jonsson featuring Per Ragnar

Music and sound design by Peter Nylander


The Tunnels

Sound design job for Olav Wastphalen's video installation.


A film by Marika Griehsel about Swedish veterans from the U.N. peace keeping mission during the Congo Crisis in thw 1960's and how they found themselves caught up in  a conflict fueled by the Cold War.

JEFF WALL: In Order To Make a Picture

a film by Lu Nelson

True West Films


An intimate film portrait JEFF WALL: In Order to Make a Picture, examines this world-renowned photographers unique synthesis of art history, painting and cinema, in his defiant creation of the modernist photograph.




The Cuban Colonel, the Russian General and the (near) Destruction of the World – A road movie into history


a film by Malcolm Dixelius


The Cuban Missile Crisis played out in the month of October 1962. Never before or after has mankind been so close to destroying Planet Earth. A nuclear war was averted at the last minute and the two Cold War superpowers came to an agreement that saved Cuba from total annihilation.