"A vengeful father suspects that his mentally disabled daughter has been the victim of sexual abuse and confronts the caregiver he believes to be guilty."


A film by Emil Jonsson featuring Per Ragnar

Music and sound design by Peter Nylander



The Tunnels

Sound design job for Olav Wastphalen's video installation.



A film by Marika Griehsel about Swedish veterans from the U.N. peace keeping mission during the Congo Crisis in thw 1960's and how they found themselves caught up in  a conflict fueled by the Cold War.

JEFF WALL: In Order To Make a Picture

a film by Lu Nelson

True West Films


An intimate film portrait JEFF WALL: In Order to Make a Picture, examines this world-renowned photographers unique synthesis of art history, painting and cinema, in his defiant creation of the modernist photograph.




TV World Premiere CBC, Canada

Sept 5 @ 7pm PT, 2015

The Cuban Colonel, the Russian General and the (near) Destruction of the World – A road movie into history


a film by Malcolm Dixelius


The Cuban Missile Crisis played out in the month of October 1962. Never before or after has mankind been so close to destroying Planet Earth. A nuclear war was averted at the last minute and the two Cold War superpowers came to an agreement that saved Cuba from total annihilation.



A film by up-and-coming Danish director Ryan Løkken.


A journey through Western Norway, spec advert for Fjällräven.


Here I feature myself playing

Ronroco and piano.